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Children, Muslims and hugs.

This is part two of a three part series leading up to the next “INTERSECTION” service on 7th October. These three blogs will be related to this month’s topic which is called “Is their god my God?: Being a Christian in a multi-faith world.” For more information on Intersection, visit the Shore Vineyards website here

As we contemplate our Christian faith within a world of other faiths, I would like to share an excerpt from a book called “Broken we kneel” , written by Diana Butler Bass.

One day, my daughter Emma saw a woman walking towards us covered in a veil and asked the inevitable, “what’s that mommy?”

“Emma,” I answered, “that lady is a Muslim from a faraway place. And she dresses like that – and covers her head with a veil – because she loves God. That is how her people show they love God.”

My daughter considered these words. She stared at the woman who passed us. She pointed at the woman, then pointed at my hair, and further quizzed, “Mommy, do you love God?”

“Yes honey,” I laughed. “I do. You and I are Christians. Christian ladies show love for God by going to church, eating the bread and the wine, serving the poor and giving to those in need. We don’t wear veils, but we do love God.”

After this, Emma took every opportunity to point to Muslim women during our shopping trips and tell me “Mommy look, she loves God.”  One day, we were getting out of our car at our driveway at the same time as our pakistani neighbors. Emma saw the mother, beautifully veiled, and, pointing at her, shouted, “Look, mommy, she loves God!”

My neighbor was surprised. I told her what I had taught Emma about Muslim ladies loving God. While she held back tears, this near stranger hugged me, saying, “I wish all Americans would teach their children so. The world would be better. The world would be better.”

And with that I simply pose the following question:

What would you teach your children?

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