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Defining truth.

This is part one of a three part series leading up to the next “INTERSECTION” service on 7th October. These three blogs will be related to this month’s topic which is called “Is their god my God?: Being a Christian in a multi-faith world.” For more information on Intersection, visit the Shore Vineyards website here

All truth is God’s truth”

– Arthur Holmes

It can be a daunting thing to confront the beliefs of other religions. It can be scary observing their practices, and challenging studying their laws.

In fact it is difficult to do so because, by our own knowledge, understanding, and experience of truth, these other belief systems are simply not correct.

But as a Christian, I believe it is not ok to simply state that and throw it in people’s faces, but rather  that we owe a certain duty of care to our fellow muslims, buddhists, mormons and hindus. Now, that does not mean just “loving” people within these religious groups, but making an effort to understand them and their beliefs. After all, their truth is very real to them. That is why we need to have this discussion. How do we live out our Christian faith in a multi-faith world?

Before we enter the discussion, before we even consider these other beliefs and people,  we must develop somewhat of an understanding of our own truth, and our identity within that.


What is truth to you?

And on a deeper level than that,

Is that truth absolute, fixed, and unchanging?

Or is truth to you something that is narrative and experiential? Something that grows as it is challenged and refined through conversation, conflicts, and the rigors of life.

What you believe to be true of God, your life, and your faith is instrumental to how you live out your life today, tomorrow and the next day. Either that truth is fixed, keeping you rooted in security and stability, or it lends itself to challenging you, moving you from content to perhaps uncomfortable.

And what if that is how God reveals his truth to us? The reality of His presence? What if, by pushing us “out of the boat”, we experience a bigger and more profound truth than what we perhaps knew before? Does a father, who holds his newborn child for the first time, have a more profound understanding of love than that of a high school boy experiencing his first feelings for a girl? Is our understanding of truth affected in the same way?

I can only offer questions and thoughts, but I encourage you to ponder them – I think it’s important before we hit the next stages of our discussion.

How have you defined truth?


How has truth defined you?



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