Monthly Archives: May 2013

The journey

This video reminds me of being 15 again.

No car, just pushing down the street, hopping up onto the sidewalk, ollie-ing the gutters and busting out some power slides.

The destination was never the objective. It was the journey that made it special.

I find it weird that so much of my life is about my goals – about reaching for, striving for, attaining to and achieving something. these things are often tangible or measurable or quantifiable. and yet they never satisfy.

God however, doesn’t necessarily see that as being the most important thing. Scripture seems to allude repeatedly to the journey rather than the destination, that where we are on the path is more important than where we need to get to. That’s why words like “seek” and “follow” and “be” and “go” and “give” and “trust” and “establish” and “find” and “love” and “trust” seem to be so much more prominent than simply “achieve” or “attain.”

They are words that suggest and allude to a process, or a journey, yet the they very much keep us grounded in the present reality.

we are going somewhere, but we aren’t there yet.

and that is ok.

Because if we aren’t ok with that we miss the very special, and amazing point of where we are at right now. and what we are heading towards right now.

enjoy the journey for what it is, enjoy the things God is doing in you and through you now. Embrace and endure the struggles, and celebrate the victories.

and do not miss a moment, this moment, to delight in Him who is with you.