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Is “right and wrong” wrong or right?

This is part one of a two part series leading up to the next “INTERSECTION” service on 4th November. These two blogs will be related to this month’s topic which is called “Sexism, racism & Homophobia: Is the Church always right and what happens if I disagree?” For more information on Intersection, visit the Shore Vineyards website here

I am currently sitting in St Stephen’s University in Canada where I have spent the last two weeks studying for my Masters. It has been truly wonderful, yet I am extremely sad that I will be missing the next Intersection service. Adding to this sadness is the wonderful conversations and opportunities that have arisen in the last few weeks of my travels, particularly around the exact issues that are up for discussion at the upcoming Intersection service.

What I have found myself confronted with time and again is the polarity that seems to exist in the world around us.

It seems, that in every circumstance, we can label things “Right” or “Wrong.”

But is it really that simple?

There are words in the bible that we can use to put things in each of those categories.

But then there are words we can use in the bible that put right and wrong completely out of whack.

Can women teach in Church? Can homosexuals be in Church? Is it “Right” or is it “Wrong” to even ask these questions?

And if you can answer that, how do you define the parameters by which you determine right and wrong? Just thinking about it makes me break out in a cold sweat.

An exchange in the garden of Eden sheds some interesting thoughts as we look at this subject. The serpent says to Eve  “For God knows that when you eat from it (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

We will be LIKE God? It seems that when we categorise things into right and wrong, we choose to put ourselves into the shoes of God, and as a result we pass judgement on another human.

Hardly shoes we are qualified to fill.

So it is with humbleness that I propose that we eat of the tree of life, based on God’s recommendation. This is a tree of relationship, of being in community with, of loving, and being. As we prepare ourselves for this discussion let’s walk humbly and love radically.

God bless you as you journey towards the tree of life.


Come on in.

This is part three of a three part series leading up to the next “INTERSECTION” service on 7th October. These three blogs will be related to this month’s topic which is called “Is their god my God?: Being a Christian in a multi-faith world.” For more information on Intersection, visit the Shore Vineyards website here

In our church movement, Vineyard, we spend a little bit of time talking about bounded sets vs. centred sets in regards to evangelism. In talking like this, we find ourselves often saying that we are a place where you can “belong before you believe.” It’s all well and good, but not everyone gets what this is about.

So let me put it this way.

Jesus did not come to establish an “in” group, that, in becoming so, banishes others to an “out” group.

No. Jesus wanted to create a “come-on-in” group.

This group is not about being superior.It is not about conquering. It is not about harassing, and it is not about putting others down or belittling them.

THIS group is about saving, giving, blessing, redeeming, respecting, befriending, embracing and LOVING.

with Jesus at the centre there is no “in” and “out”, but rather a community of people inviting others in and walking alongside each other as they grow in the ways of Jesus’ kingdom and move to the rhythms of His grace.

Beautiful picture isn’t it?

Theoretically yes. But I ask you this – What does it look like for you to walk that walk alongside your muslim friend, your hindu friend, your buddhist friend and your atheist friend?

There is no fixed answer to that, But I guarantee the journey towards an answer is a good one.