The burden of Eternity

This is part four (point one) of a four part series leading up to the next “INTERSECTION” service on 2nd September. These four blogs will be related to this month’s topic which is called “What comes next?: Exploring Heaven, Hell, and everything in between.” For more information on Intersection, visit the Shore Vineyards website here

This particular blog is courtesy of Shore Vineyard Churches pastor Vic Francis

For me, eternity was settled 30-odd years ago in the newsroom of the Auckland Star newspaper when I first encountered saving faith in Jesus. As I did so, I felt a great burden lift almost literally off my shoulders.

Whatever heaven looked like, I knew I was going there – and I’ve committed my life to living that way ever since. I remember skipping down the front steps of my workplace, thinking, ”It doesn’t matter if I get run over by a bus!”

What I think about heaven has changed quite a lot since then. I no longer think it’s in some far-away physical location “up there” somewhere. I no longer think it’s like a long holiday where I don’t have to work and can eat sausage rolls all day without getting fat. I no longer think I have to sing “Holy, holy, holy” for hour after interminable hour. I no longer think it’s going to be like church every day.

In fact, there is much that I no longer think, and just as much that I plain just don’t know.

But one thing hasn’t changed. Ever since that day I met Jesus way back in 1981, I have known I could trust him for everything – in this life and the next one.

What will heaven be like? I don’t know; I’m not sure I’m meant to know. But I know I’m going there, and with that I am at rest.

Is your eternity secure? If so, you’ll share my confidence and certainty. If not, though, I’d love to help you meet this Jesus that I’m trusting for everything.


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