back in the game

After a few weeks out of the blogging world I am ready to get back amongst it.

It seems that some weeks, things just build up with work and life, and you struggle to find the time to string together some kind of semi-inspirational thought from your daily bible readings. This has been the case for me, but I have also been somewhat discontent with a lot of church culture I see around me. In my wrestling with the world of weekly tithe sermons, more-anointed-than-thou individuals and the thought of having to drink (shudder) instant coffee, my blogging has taken somewhat a back seat.

Which is why I am excited about a new blogging opportunity I will soon have with some friends – a chance to poke some fun at ourselves and learn a little about the kind of church we would like to build in the process (watch this space).

Which frees me to get back to what I (possibly?) do best.

Enjoy. Critique. Enjoy.


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