In a corner…


An intelligent person is always eager to take in more truth;
fools feed on fast-food fads and fancies.

-Proverbs 15:14

I”m not going to lie. As a young kid I got myself in trouble from time to time. My parents also wasted no time in dishing out an appropriate punishment. Occasionally said punishment involved leaving me in a corner face first. It wasn’t too bad though. After 15 minutes or so imagination kicked in  and I was piloting an F-16, travelling the seven seas and firing arrows from my bow in Sherwood forest.

All from the comfort of my (now noticeably, intricately painted) corner.

While awesome as a child, I think this mentality translates all too easily into our real life.

So often the things we believe about God and ourselves are shaped from the comfort of our corner. Other theologies, philosophies and opinions are neglected or battled with in an attempt to preserve what we believe and see in front of us. We may even convince ourselves that our corner is the absolutely right corner – or a whole room in itself. We believe that it in some way our little world in this corner is more powerful, more magical, more life-giving then anything else.

Then occasionally an idea comes along that we become passionate about, and we jump to another corner. We become fierce about defending that new idealogy.

What if God was inviting us to turn around? To keep leaning against our corner but face outwards. What might he invite us to? Perhaps there is a guitar to play, a sports ball to pick up, or a bed to find rest in.Whatever it is, there is something more, and it is REAL.

What if God was in all the things in the room? And not just the corner?

What if He was inviting us to learn about the different aspects of Him? to find truth about Him in all things?

What if we looked to take in more exotic foods rather then the same ones we are feeding on?

Theology. Opinion. Eschatology. Ideas. These are great things to study and learn, but they aren’t GOD. Only God is God, and he isn’t confined or defined by them.

I think that God continually wants our ideas of Him to become bigger and bigger. After all we are SO limited by the parameters of our mind, and the scope of truth that is in God lies beyond our comprehension.

Be challenged. Be wise. Live, listen, learn and grow. Be eager to take in more truth.

And as a final thought, I think that discernment is the key this process. Learning to identify what is truth in God and what is contrary to that truth. Don’t just take something on board as absolute, but chew on it, dwell on it, wrestle with it and be discerning about it.



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