Wisdom – simply a great meal.

Sometimes I look back on some of the seriously stupid decisions I have made in my life. Surprisingly I made some of those decisions more than once. And every time, instead of receiving the good advice offered by people who genuinely cared about me, I would get defensive and angry. I also would start justifying my decisions. A selfish and foolish decision quickly turned into an elaborate back story that masterfully weaved biblical scriptures with stories of ninjas and pirates and bears and other mythical creatures.

No one really bought it.

And yet I kept justifying. or trying to at least.

If ever there was a poster-boy for ‘learning the hard way” I possibly could be it. Over and over again.

Proverbs 9 paints an interesting picture of wisdom and folly that can perhaps help us learn in “right way”.

Both wisdom and folly are personified as women. These women each offer satisfaction to the simple man from the top of the hill. The invitation to come and eat is extended. Wisdom offers a banquet. a lovingly prepared meal, full of delicious goodies for all to enjoy. Folly offers only water and bread.

Yet the deceit of folly is hidden in her words. She justifies “stolen water” and “bread in secret” as being more enjoyable. She laces excitement, adventure and intrigue into a meal that quite simply is not nourishing, enjoyable or overly healthy. Nor has she provided this meal honestly – The ingredients were acquired through theft.

There are no secrets around Wisdom’s meal. It is simply and obviously a banquet. Honestly provided. Wholly nourishing.

Let me assure you that a wise, Godly decision requires no justification. It speaks for itself. In action it is a light to those around us. It communicates God for all to see. and it is wonderfully silent.

If you find yourself using too many words to justify your decision, chances are, it is not a wise one. As C.S Lewis might say, you are compromising the promise of a beachside holiday, convincing yourself that making mud pies is satisfaction enough.

Wisdom invites you to choose the great meal. Will you accept?



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