The anticipation…

Over the weekend we had a christian music festival called Parachute take place. It is one of those rad events where you get to run into people from all over the country that you haven’t seen in a while, eat a lot of deep fried goodies, and generally enjoy some amazing music.

The first day however is often spent waiting in line. people start queuing early on in the day, awaiting the open gates at 1pm. There is a huge sense of anticipation in the air. conversations about the bands, the food, the campgrounds seem to lend a certain electricity and energy to the atmosphere. The excitement is almost life-giving. Every single person is happy and excited and this energy is transferred from one to another.

No matter how long  you’ve been waiting, you just KNOW it is going to be AWESOME. it is going to be a celebration. A party.

Sadly though this doesn’t ring true of our own lives.

We know that our loving Father in heaven has amazing plans for us. On a wide scale He invites us to participate in His grand plan for creation, but He also has plans for YOU. Plans for you to use your talents and giftings. Plans for you to bless others. Plans for you to get connected with the right people and experience the right things at the right time.

Yet we get so impatient. Heck. I get impatient waiting. But we need to learn to trust Him. So often we end up trying to create something “good” for ourselves, never trusting or seeking the formative process He has us in – the process of leading us towards His “Best”.

Psalm 119:105 talks about the Lord’s word being a “light unto my feet” and a “lamp unto my path”.

Do you understand that a lamp all those years ago only provided enough light on a dark path for the next step?

Do you understand that a giant floodlight would provide more distractions then something fulfilling? That you would actually stop walking rather than moving forward?

Do you understand that God reveals things only in His timing, and do you trust that your very next step, guided by his light, is a step towards his desired destination for you?

The thing He is doing with you in THIS day, in THIS moment, in THIS breath is part of  an ongoing series of moments that lead towards the things He has in store for you.

I have to wonder that if we have a small and prayerful shift in our perspective and attitudes, we might no longer be impatient, but rather in excitement and anticipation, we take steps faithfully and patiently towards the big plans that God has in store for us.

And, just like Parachute, it is going to be a party.


One thought on “The anticipation…

  1. Mandy says:

    I feel like this kind of idea…waiting in excitement and antipation for whatever He’s going to do, however He’s going to do it is exactly what He’s been trying to gently and patiently nudge me into. But if we’ve really learned to do it well, I think it doesn’t feel so much like waiting anymore because living the life He’s given us and doing the things He’s put in front of us is doing, not waiting.

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