Blessed to be a blessing

I have this loose policy where, if someone asks for money, I will give it to them if I have it. It is always a rad opportunity to say “hey, totally pumped to help you out, bless you bro!”.

However a funny thing happened on Sunday.

I was asked by a guy for $10 for a bus fare. I pulled out my wallet and checked what I had. Two ten dollar bills. Nice. I hooked the dude up with one of them and he went on his way.

Monday morning I opened my wallet again. And guess what? Two ten dollar bills. “Praise God” was my response, and for the next half hour I was walking around with a delighted little smile on my face.

The smile didn’t last long as I began to wrestle with WHY a $10 note had magically appeared in my wallet. In my mind and heart there was no doubt it was God, but I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. There is poverty in this world, damaged people, death from illnesses…and I get a $10 note…WHY??

In Luke 6 Jesus is talking about loving people, about walking in the ways of the kingdom. At one point He says “with the measure you give, it will be given to you”.

Now I do not think this is about money. Nor do I think of this as Jesus pointing to personal prosperity. Giving is not, and should never be, about receiving. Giving is, in any capacity, an opportunity to love and bless someone. I do believe that God provides and acknowledges our giving. However, in giving to you, He puts you in a position to continue in the purpose He created you for –  living a life of giving.

We are loved in order to love.

we receive grace in order to be graceful.

we are BLESSED in order to BE a BLESSING.

And to me, that $10 is a small blessing to me, in order that it may be a big blessing to someone who so desperately needs it. Perhaps, that $10 could be a signpost towards Jesus for someone who needs Him.

Anyone need $10?


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