Uniquely human, divinely God

…And it shall be that before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear

– Isaiah 65:24

Almost every week someone at church puts their hand up to receive prayer. The request is always unique but never unimportant.

“I haven’t felt God’s touch in a long time”

“I am hurting”

“I am weary”

“I want Jesus as my Lord and Saviour”

“My body isn’t working”

“Nobody loves me”

“I am not worth anything…. I don’t deserve His love…”

The list can go on and on. The afflictions, burdens and worries are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Hills and valleys are a reality of our humanity.

But that moment where someone humbly slips their hand up and asks to receive is something very, very special.

I watch as people – brothers and sisters in Christ – gather around this person. they lay hands. sometimes they hug. or hold. sometimes there are tears… Tears of joy and tears of grief. Words are spoken over this person, and God is invited into the situation. The Holy Spirit brings comfort and peace. This is a tender, loving and graceful moment where the body of Christ and God are united as one. Things feel complete.

Years ago I remember a girl at university running up to me and telling me that she had prayed the night before. She had known me for a long time and had often heard me talking about Jesus, but was never interested. The night before she had been drunk and she found herself on the side of the road in the rain. Having nearly been hit by a car she was disorientated, upset and hurting.

And she prayed.

Prayer isn’t something that christians just do. It’s a human response. It is instinctual. Something deep inside every person that yearns for connection with something that is bigger, something that without seeing physical proof, we know is THERE.

And God, knowing our hearts, having created us, waits patiently for US to step into a place where we are ready to receive from him. His gentle voice is always there, calling us, guiding us…We just need to be ready to listen.

These moments of prayer – they are uniquely human. They are part of who we are. But they are moments that allow God to step in and do what He so desperately longs to do.

Love us, hold us.

Prayer is the moment where man steps into alignment with his Creator.

And it is beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Uniquely human, divinely God

  1. hughofeden says:

    Prayer being a human instinct – that’s cool insight man. Great post all round.

  2. Sharonne says:

    ‘In prayer, I present requests to a God I choose to trust despite the conditions on this planet that have caused God’s graced favorites and God’s own Son to tremble in fear and confusion. I trust the unfathomable equilibrium of God’s power and God’s wisdom, of omnipotence and omniscience.’

    Keeping Company with God-Philip Yancey

    In prayer I am also deeply humbled…

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