Pointing North

Last night I had the privilege of receiving some wise words from a wise man.

I always appreciate these little nuggets, and this gem, in relation to decision making, is something I have to share.

So often I see people (myself included) making serious decisions that are more detrimental than beneficial. So how do we make decisions that are life-giving and Christ-centred? How do we stay pointing due north? On track with the things God has in store for us?

Perhaps this will help.

Back in the day, when sailing through a channel, a captain would line up three tall pine trees in the distance. This would keep the boat on course and steady.

Bob Mumford, a prominent 20th century leader,  spoke of three pine trees for christian decision making.

1. Alignment with scripture – Does your potential decision fall in line with the word of God? It’s easy to think something is great for us, but scripture is always a great litmus test, so make sure God’s word holds a special place in your process.

2. Counsel of wise leaders and friends –  Share your ideas and receive input from the wisest people you know. Sometimes these people are friends, but be weary of just going to people who will say the things you want to hear. Approach people who you know will give you deep, honest insight – and perhaps say some things that are difficult to receive.

3. Inner peace – Finally, just be honest with yourself. Is there a great sense of peace about your decision. is it right? Often we choose to repress the truth we know in ourselves just to get a short term fix or escape our surroundings. The reality is you know, deep down, that things aren’t quite right.

As these things draw together I think it is fair to say that your ship finds its due course, pointing north, towards the plans God has for you.

These things bring about a huge sense of challenge to my own life, and I cannot help but see that in wrestling with these things, God’s best for my life is revealed. I pray you find the same challenge and joy in your decision making as you move from your plans to God’s plans.



One thought on “Pointing North

  1. fran says:

    These are also known as “the three lights” – sometimes circumstantial synchronicity is added too… y’know, when timing and people and the important but out-of-our-control elements fall into place.

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