Three things every leader should think about

Sometimes the most amazing God thoughts pop into my head when I am in the middle of a great conversation with someone over a wine or beer. Last night was such an example. I was discussing with a good friend the ups and downs of leaderships, and how in today’s highly driven world, it is not uncommon to see amazing, inspiring leaders burn out and more often than not, experience some kind of destruction through the choices they make.

I firmly believe that leaders need to take great care and discipline in looking after themselves to ensure they stay on top of their game. I want this blog to be an encouragement to leaders – pastors, youth pastors, managers, captains….whatever your role, I hope you will find a great richness in applying these “THREE S’s” to your life in 2012.

SABBATH We so desperately need to rest well. Whatever you do, please make sure at least one day is devoted to rest. Maybe that is golf, tinkering on your car, reading, gardening, taking your wife/husband/friend/sister/brother out for lunch, kicking a ball….anything. Furthermore doing things with loved ones only enhances the rest experience. Your work will be all the more fruitful for it.

STEWARDSHIP Please steward things well. Managing your time, talents, treasures and the relationships around you appropriately is the greatest message you can send to those you lead. You can spend all your time in meetings and planning systems and answering emails…But it is how you conduct yourself in your personal outworking that will bring inspiration to others. It also serves you with a personal sense of satisfaction.

SACRIFICE As leaders it is so easy to convince ourselves that we know best. I encourage you to sacrifice your ideas and agendas in order to seek God’s better agenda. Receive ideas well from others, listen and consider criticism constructively, and always allow what is expected to be challenged. Great leadership, I believe, is found in humility.

I hope you find some inspiration in these words. If I can in any way pray for you or if you would like to contact me to get an expansion on these ideas, please let me know.

Bless you guys, look after yourself as we head into this busy time of year.


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