Have we forgotten something?


These past few weeks has seen me answering “how are you” with “oh man things have been crazy!” And they have been. My 40 hours a week has been sitting somewhere around the 72 mark, and I have been juggling more things then a clown.

And I see people all around me that do the same. Career driven. Sport-driven, money-driven, relationship-driven, we are slamming the gas pedal down and racing through life faster than we can handle.

When did you last press the brake down, pull over, and enjoy the view of where you are at?

In Genesis, we see God create, then rest. He bestows upon humans to be image-bearers. He calls us to create, and then rest. In exodus the sabbath is encouraged. It says “hey, you are valued for being YOU, not by what you do”. We see in the gospels the Pharisees become so rule driven that they in turn miss the point of sabbath.

Jesus steps in and invites us to participate in the grand movement of being the person we were created to be. To find joy and delight in life. To be replenished and re-energized in order to keep creating.

As we enter the most hectic time of year, Christmas, I encourage you to just stop. Pull over. Enjoy the view. Appreciate the things produced by your hands. Let a hug from a loved one linger. Let the sounds of nature speak to you and console you. Remind yourself that you are loved and valued. Find rest. Let the tension in life sink away. Do things that invoke peace in your heart. Spend time with a friend. Drink coffee. Laugh. Jump. Dance. Allow yourself to experience and live in moments of joy rather than trying to acquire it.

The best thing you can do to help your forward momentum in life is to take a break.

You deserve it. Don’t forget that.


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