Some Thoughts on Genesis…

Haven’t blogged in a while, but I am really keen to get back into it… Here we go.

We had a fascinating discussion last night which saw me observing something interesting.

I’ve seen countless creation vs evolution discussions over the years. Interestingly enough you always see a room of gathered individuals slowly divide into two sections of the room…each ready to pounce like some sort of battle scene out of Lord of the Rings.

So as metaphorical spear after metaphorical spear were slung across the room I found myself yelling….


…And we SO are.

Based on widely accepted theology, Genesis was written by Moses, sometime around 1450 bc and was for the Israelites. Most likely heard for the first time during the time spent at Mt Sinai.

The narrative is filled with rich, deep, beautiful, harsh, epic, powerful imagery. The purpose of this? To reveal God’s undeniable involvement and relationship with His creation and His desire for creation to reflect His Glory back to Him. It is His heart that we would demonstrate the joy of His trinitarian relationship to Him and the world. That is the call placed on man. To be the priestly enacters of His kingdom (my words a little bit there).

Genesis revealed God’s plan and purpose for humanity to the Israelites, and to us today.

So perhaps the discussionĀ  needs to be centred around WHY the universe was created and not HOW.

In the “why” we find God’s heart and plan for humanity. It is not about “the world being created in a literal 7 days” or “Adam actually being from dust”….

…Rather it is about recognising the unique call God places on us as we engage in life within His creation.


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Genesis…

  1. Dan Sheed says:

    I find it’s helpful to keep remembering who the intended audience was: it wasn’t the western-thought, details-addicted, science-proven crowd of today. Got to keep that in mind. Moses didn’t write this to be used in some court room as evidence for the “creation vs evolution trial.”

    And anyway, I love it that science can prove facts and develop theories about the creation of the world – it’s great to see those giftings put to good use. Makes me amazed at God as the monotheistic Creator even more!

    Well written Calv, great thoughts.

  2. Sharonne says:

    Good job Cal….

    As for scientists….remember that they even have trouble forecasting today’s weather, let alone what happened, lets say, a few million years ago….

    Let the Word speak ….. how wonderful that we can ponder the awesomeness of the Creator!

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