Restriction vs. Liberation

I had this thought last night as I was driving….

I really enjoy reading my bible. It’s a fantastic book. Full of richness and life.

But to so many people it is a book of rules and regulations. Even concepts of flawed morality arise in conversations (eg: act this way in order to get into heaven/avoid hell). Ultimately I feel like this another adventure in missing the point or asking the wrong questions about the right things.

So what if our perspective shifted?

What if we grasped the fact that through trust and understanding, the Word liberated us, rather than being a book of restrictive rules?

Just a thought.



2 thoughts on “Restriction vs. Liberation

  1. Jaz says:

    Love it, Christ died so that we could be FREE.

  2. No Chains, the bonds are broken….I have never felt more free!

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